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kalm begins with you.

A kalm kit with mindfulness tools to help you build moments of peace into your stressful life.


five minutes of kalm daily leads to better brain health.

Many of us feel exhausted, overwhelmed and burnout by the daily stress of life. Often we do not have access to tangible tools and support to carry us through with a sense of balance or ability to be in the present moment. 

Research shows us that just five minutes of daily mindfulness practice can help us achieve 

Reduced stress

Better digestion

lower blood pressure

Reduction in joint pain 

Which means in your daily life:

Remaining calm during stressful moments

Releasing negative self talk 

Staying focused 

Being clearheaded

Increase in self acceptance 

Boosted energy 

Higher performance overall

Experience breathework, meditation and body awareness to help bring self-attunement and calm to your inner world. 


We understand life is a whirlwind, let us support you in becoming the best version of you that you are worthy of being. 

what's included

The stones styled in a flat lay next to the wallet.


You will find the small handmade worry stones we have crafted from porcelain clay. The designs in each piece have been created by using items in nature, for instance wood, leaves or crystals. From there my hope is that you will seek this anytime you need to move your body but are unable to do so. For instance, stuck in a meeting, or needing to work at your desk. This allows a small soothing distraction.


take a moment.

Whether you are here seeking to purchase or simply curious to explore this space, you are welcome. You are honored and accepted exactly as you are.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


I invite you to take three belly-filling breaths in this moment. Fill your belly with air on your inhale, allow all of that air to leave your belly on your exhale. 1...2...3...


​Unclench your jaw. Ease your shoulders.


Next, scan your body from head to toe. Just notice how you are feeling in this moment. No need to judge or get rid of anything - it's all valid...simply notice your state of being with gentle curiosity.


Offer yourself words of celebration for this act of compassionate awareness.​


​Nice going.


I want you to know that you have every answer that you seek within yourself.


Let's work together to unlock the wisdom of your intuition so that you may thrive in mind, body, and spirit.


how the science works

Neuroscience shows us that our body and brain health are connected. When our stress levels become too high we become dysregulated mentally, physically and emotionally. With this, our brain goes offline, not allowing us to access the parts of our brain that we need to calm ourselves down quickly and effectively. Long term this can cause fatigue, lingering sadness, overwhelm, memory impairment and inability to keep our focus on tasks.

This is why Kalm was created, to give you the tools and instruction to help guide and support you so that you can make a choice to respond differently to your stress. Calming your body effectively in those moments will allow you to bring safety back to your brain, body and heart. 

When our nervous system is calmer and experiencing less stress it improves our sleep, memory, cognitive processing, emotional regulation and distress tolerance. Meaning, when we are more aware of our body and brain's needs we are overall happier and healthier.


step 1


step 2

ground yourself.

step 3

guided imagery.

The contents of the Kalm Learning Box styled on a log

kalm was created to be with you in moments of stress or overwhelm so that you don't feel alone.

Flat Lay of the wool ball, stone, essential oil and the wallet.

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