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Hello! My name is Heather, founder of Kalm Learning. I imagine you found yourself here because there is something in your life bringing you pain. I created Kalm to address the gap between that yoga class, therapy session or meditation hour and having to go back to real life. As a licensed Mental Health Therapist who specializes in trauma, I built Kalm out of my clinical specialties, EMDR, Ego State and Compassionate Mindfulness. Kalm is here to tell you that you do not need to walk through this alone. We honor your courage and vulnerability to show up and learn to do differently. We embrace the messy parts of life and welcome all parts of you in all ways, most compassionately the most stressed out version of you. We hope you join us in your healing journey that will lead to a healthier, happier you.

KALM     IS     YOU.

Happy Couple

Kalm was created with the belief that we are all human, we all feel deeply and we need other people in order to do life. Kalm is what happens when we meet ourselves & others with compassion and understanding.


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Inland Impact Podcast    The Inlander 

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